Here’s a little feedback from some of our guests, see what they had to say about their day on the water.

Kyle Cleaver

Kyle Cleaver Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

A big thank you to Bite Me Too Sportfishing for a great evening of fishing. Finished with a double header followed by a beauty that interrupted our first photo! I would highly recommend Cpt. Mat for your next fishing adventure".

Robert McKenzie

Robert McKenzie Burlington, Ontario Canada.

"Got the boys away from the computers long enough to experience an unbelievable day on the water. Lost count of fish and got both boys their first Salmon".

Gary & Nic Weilinger

Gary & Nic Weilinger Calgary, Alberta Canada.

"Fish of a lifetime! Great day on the water with my son."

Jennifer McKenzie

Jennifer McKenzie Oakville, Ontario Canada.

"Fantastic fishing! I showed the boys how it's done, my personal best and on the 300 copper!" Thanks Mat!

Steve Fierheller

Steve Fierheller Toronto, Ontario Canada.

"Awesome night out with captain Mat."

Tyson Huggins

Tyson Huggins Oakville Ontaario Canada.

"My second time out with Mat, didn't disappoint. We hammered em!"

Daniel & Oliver Smith

Daniel & Oliver Smith Burlington, Ontario Canada.

" What an evening! My son Oliver's first time fishing and his first Salmon. Great trip!" "Wait till the kids at school see this!"

Justin Van

Justin Van Burlington, Ontario Canada.

"Had a great time pulling in Cohos and Kingers, charter for the books!"

Josh Berry

Josh Berry Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

"Cheers to a good captain!"

Carson McCaully

Carson McCaully Oakville, Ontario Canada

"in the money in my first tournament appearance, great day on the water with a 24lb king."

Ben Larson

Ben Larson Burlington, Ontario Canada.

"Wild night bite and my person best Salmon by miles! Thanks again for the great trip."

Alan Rymes

Alan Rymes Burlington, Ontario Canada.

"Always enjoy going out fishing with captain Mat. Caught countless fish and my best to date at 26lbs. Mat is professional, knowledgeable and makes safety a priority. I always come back to the dock with a smile on my face and sore arms".

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